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Most hunters think that wild hogs are dumb animals that run right out to the feeders when they go off and are easy to kill. In reality, hunters couldn't be more wrong! 


A wild hog is a highly intelligent and a very unpredictable animal that doesn't want to get killed. Add to that, their mostly nocturnal movement, great memory, how quickly they learn from past experiences and then adapt. You now have one tough animal to try to hunt and shoot.

How are hogs different than whitetail deer?

1. Intelligence

  • Wild Hog - a wild hogs intelligence comes from their brain and sense of smell. They are highly intelligent animals with great memories. This helps them learn quickly from past experiences and then adapt to survive.

  • Whitetail Deer - a deer's intelligence comes from a combination of there eyesight, sense of smell and hearing. 

2. Movement Patterns

  • Wild Hog - wild hogs have very unpredictable day to day movement patterns.

  • Whitetail Deer - deer have very predictable day to day movement patterns.

3. Mostly Active

  • Wild Hog - wild hogs are most active at night with some movement in the late afternoon. Rarely do they move in the morning.

  • Whitetail Deer - deer are most active during the morning and afternoons with some midday movement.

4. Sense of Smell

  • Wild Hog - a wild hogs nose is awesome, tough to fool and can pin point smells from long distances.

  • Whitetail Deer - deer have a great sense of smell but can be easily fooled.

5. Eye Sight

  • Wild Hog - wild hogs do not have great eye sight, but they are not blind and spot movement very well.

  • Whitetail Deer - deer have great eye sight and can spot movement exceptionally well.

6. Hunting Pressure

  • Wild Hog - wild hogs do not handle a lot of hunting pressure and will just leave the properties if pressured to much.

  • Whitetail Deer - deer can take of lot more hunting pressure and will usually just stay on the properties change their movement patterns to night time movement.

7. Home Range

  • Wild Hog - wild hogs do not have a home range and will constantly travel in search of thick cover, water and food. Sometimes as much                       as 10 miles in a single day or night.

  • Whitetail Deer - a deer has a defined home range and will usually stay within that certain area.

What are some of the mistakes hunters make when hunting for hogs?

  • Thinking hogs are every where.

  • Assuming hogs are stupid animals.

  • Thinking hogs are easy to kill.

  • Thinking when the feeder goes off hogs will just come running out to eat.

               - A hog eats whenever it wants to eat. The feeders are there to keep a constant supply of food in the woods for them to eat.

  • Thinking hogs will eat anything

               Hogs are very picky eaters and will only eat anything if there is nothing else left to eat.

  • Thinking boar hogs taste horrible

               - Hogs only taste bad if they were improperly cared for of after the harvest; field dressing, skinning and butchering.

  • Thinking hogs are easy to kill

  • Thinking they will kill a hog on every sit

  • Thinking they are awesome shots and will just shoot them in the ear or head.

                -  Hogs never stand still and constantly move will eating. Plus, they are dark in color and low to the ground and mostly move at last                      light or after dark 

  • They have an armored plate that stops bullets

  • Everybody is going to kill 2 hogs a day and fill their coolers

  • Hogs move all the time

What are some of the mistakes hunters make before arriving for the hunt?

     1. During the hunt.

                highly intelligent

                very unpredictable day to day movement patterns

                great memory

                quickly learns from past experiences and adapts

                - mostly nocturnal movement with the occasional late afternoon movement

                - hears an unnatural sound and immediately runs off without stopping to find out what made that sound

                - if a hog runs off after being spooked they don't come back out

                - after shooting at a hog they will not come back

                - awesome nose and not fooled very easily

                does not have a certain home range

                - doesn't take a lot hunting pressure and will leave the property if there is to much

                - will not hit the feeders, corn piles and food plots daily

What type of hunts do you offer?

We offer a 100% Fair Chase Hunts

There are three types of hog hunting 100% Fair Chase Hog Hunting, High Fence Hog Hunting and Low Fence Hog Hunting. Here are Low Country Hunting Lodge we offer 100% Fair Chase Hog Hunting. What's the difference?

What misconceptions do hunters have about hog hunting?


Hunters expect to kill a wild hog on every sit.

  • This is not a high fence or low fenced hunt where pen raised animals are put out in the enclosure for you to shoot. It’s a 100% Fair Chase Hunt and you are hunting wild animals.

Hunters thinking everyone in the hunting party is going to limit out and fill their coolers on a 2-Day hunt.

  • Harvesting one wild hog in a week is hard enough, let alone when you’re only hunting 2 days with only 2 sits per hunter.


Hunters thinking wild hogs are stupid animals that run out when the feeder goes off.

  • The feeders are there to keep food constantly in the woods for the hogs to eat. Because, if it’s not there all the time they leave the properties to search elsewhere for additional food.


Hunters thinking there are thousands of hogs running everywhere and destroying everything.

  • Hogs roam in small packs that are in localized pockets with thick cover, food and water.

  • They do damage crops and food plots, but not like TV makes it out to be.


Hunters thinking TV hog hunting shows are what real hog hunting is like.

  • Most TV hog hunting shows are staged inside of high and low fenced hunting properties.


Hunters thinking that they are paying for a hog, instead of a hog hunt.

  • It’s a 100% fair chase hunt and not a high or low fenced hunt.


Hunters thinking that if they didn’t get a hog on their hunt the outfitter screwing them over.

  • Not all hunts will be successful. IT’S CALLED HUNTING!

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