Combo Whitetail Deer & Hog Hunt

(Season - August 15th  to  January 1st)

South Carolina low country is well known for having some of the best whitetail deer hunting in the country due to our high game population as well as our 4.5 month long season which allows lots of time in the woods. So whether you are looking to shoot a velvet buck in August, a big buck in rut or a late season doe, come join us to enjoy our amazing hunting. 


Our hunts start at daylight, when you will be placed in a stand overlooking key travel corridors and feeding areas, and last until mid-morning. You will then be picked up and taken to the lodge for a delicious home cooked lunch; afterwards, you are then free to enjoy the afternoon until it is time to head back out about 4 to 4.5 hours before sunset, then hunt until 30 minutes after official sunset. We will then pick you up and return you to the lodge for another awesome meal while we take care of any animals you harvest. You may harvest one buck and one doe per day during your hunt. Please note that wild hogs are also allowed to be taken during all deer hunts. You may also shoot 2 wild pigs a day. 

2 Day Hunt - $790 per hunter

3 Day Hunt - $1,150 per hunter

4 Day Hunt - $1,500 per hunter

5 Day Hunt -$1,825 per hunter

Hunt Includes

  • Home Cooked Meals

  • Comfortable Lodging

  • Linens (towels, washcloths, hand towels)

  • Bedding (pillows, pillowcases, sheets, blankets/comforters)

  • Game Retrieval

  • Transportation to and from the Hunting Locations

  • Stands/Blinds

  • Bait

Harvest Limit  (see FAQ's page for detailed harvest limit information) 

  • 4 Animals - per day / per hunter - 1 Buck per day, 1 Doe per day & 2 Hogs per day

  • 1 Deer & 1 Hog on the morning hunt

  • 1 Deer & 1 Hog on the afternoon hunt

  • Hogs must be 50 lbs or Better

            - Wild hogs weighing less than 50 lbs don't have a lot of meat on them.

Antler & Deer Restrictions

1) 6-Point or Better on all Bucks

  • If you harvest a buck under our minimum of 6-Points, there is a $250 fine payable immediately upon returning to the lodge from your morning or afternoon hunt. If you refuse to pay the fine, your hunt will be terminated without refunding any paid fees.

  • If you have any doubt that the animal may not be 6-points or better we suggest you don't shoot. We would rather see you not shoot than pay a fine.

2) Absolutely no shooting of fawns or button bucks.

  • If you harvest fawn or button buck there is a $250 fine payable immediately upon returning to the lodge from your morning or afternoon hunt. If you refuse to pay the fine, your hunt will be terminated without refunding any paid fees.

Hunter Shooting Policy

This policy is in place for the protection of our game animals, the management of our properties and to insure that all of our hunters make Accurate, Clean, Ethical kill shots during their hunt.

1) ANY SHOT at a deer or hog by the hunter is considered a fatal shot and counts towards the hunter's tags and daily harvest limits.

2) If the hunter shoots at a deer and it runs off, the hunter CANNOT shoot at a second deer during that sit.

3) If the hunter shoots at a hog and it runs off, the hunter CANNOT shoot at a second hog during that sit.

4) ​Each hunter will be allowed one wounded animal during their hunt. If the hunter has a second wounded animal during their hunt. It will be      at the sole discretion of LCHL on whether that clients hunt will continue or that clients hunt will be terminated. This also goes for any              hunter not informing us of a shot taken, a shot missed or a possibly wounded or dead animal. 

5) Absolutely NO shooting into groups of hogs!

  • This is also not a hog extermination hunt.

  • This leads to multiple wounded animals and ruins the stand location for the remainder of your hunt and any upcoming hunts.

  • We ask that you pick one hog out of the group, wait for that hog to clearly separate from the rest of the group, and then make sure there are no other hogs are behind it before shooting at it. It will happen just be patient!

Results from having these policies in place

  • This has drastically reduced the number of missed shots and wounded animals.

  • This has also eliminated the confusion of multiple wounded animals and blood trails in the same area.

  • Most importantly this has helped keep the properties and stand locations productive.

PLEASE NOTELow Country Hunting Lodge accepts no responsibility or liability for a hunter’s decision to fire their weapon at an animal during their hunt. We will make every effort to track and recover your animal within logical reason and often succeed in the recovery of marginally hit animals. However, in the case that the animal is deemed unrecoverable or there is no sign of that animal being hit LCHL’s obligations will be considered fulfilled. 

Hunter Shot Accuracy during LCHL Combo Whitetail Deer & Hog Hunts

(hunters hitting what they shoot at)

While our hunter opportunity rate remains at 100% during our combo hunts it is still up to the hunters to make accurate shots. Here at LCHL we keep track of each shot the hunters take at a deer/hog during their combo hunt. The pie chart below shows the overall shot percentages for the 2018 combo whitetail deer & hog hunts.  Again, we cannot stress enough how important it is to properly sight in your rifle, practice shooting, don't rush your shot or take bad shots. You can also see that the lethal hit percentage is much lower on this hunt than on our afternoon/night hog hunts. This is due to the hunters using their own scoped rifles for this hunt and not LCHL's scoped rifles. We find most hunters rifles are not sighted properly at 100 yards.

License Requirements for a Combo Deer & Hog Hunt - South Carolina Hunting License, Big Game Permit, Deer Tags

1) South Carolina Non-Resident Hunting License

    3 Day License - $40

    10 Day License - $75

    Annual License - $125

2) Big Game Permit - $100

3) Buck Tags - $50 for the first antlered tag and $20 for each additional tag if purchased**

    Total - $110 if all 4 tags are purchased (maximum 4 buck tags per hunter)

4) Doe Tags - $10 per tag**

    Total - $40 if all 4 tags are purchased (maximum 4 doe tags per hunter)

    **2 buck tags are unrestricted, 2 buck tags have antler restrictions

    (Restrictions are: 4 points on one antler or a minimum 12-inch spread).

    **Non-resident youth receive a base set of tags for free by request like resident youth.

**Youth Hunters under the age of 16 years DO NOT require a hunting license for hog or deer hunting.

**Youth Hunters under the age of 16 years DO NOT require a big game permit for hog or deer hunting. 

**Youth Hunters under the age of 16 years DO require deer tags for deer hunting. A free set of youth deer tags can be requested online through the SCDNR.

Note: The most convenient way to purchase a South Carolina hunting license, big game permit, and deer tags will be online at If you have any questions, please contact the SCDNR License Section at 803-734-3833 or

Typical Combo Whitetail Deer & Hog Hunt Schedule at Low Country Hunting Lodge

(subject to change during the hunt)

Rise and Shine

       - 1 hour and 30 minutes before sunrise.

       - Quick cup of coffee with granola bar or danish.

45 minutes Before Sunrise

       - Load up and head to the hunting locations. 

30 minutes Before Sunrise

       - All hunters are placed into their stands for the morning hunt.

4 to 4.5 hours Later

       - Completion of the morning hunt.

       - All hunters will be picked up at their stands, harvested game is retrieved and all hunters are returned to the lodge for lunch.

After Lunch

       Hunters are welcome to use the state gun range (if open during their hunt). sight see through the 26,000 State Wildlife Management                 Area or just lay around the lodge napping and watching TV.

       All animals will be field dressed, skinned and quartered or taken to the local game processor for processing.


       - Depending on the time of the year dinner will be served before or after the afternoon hunt.

4 to 4.5 hours Before Sunset

       - All hunters are placed into their stands for the afternoon hunt.

30 minutes after Sunset

       - Completion of the afternoon hunt.

       - All hunters will be picked up at their stands, harvested game is retrieved and all hunters are returned to the lodge.

       - Upon returning to the lodge all animals will be field dressed, skinned and quartered.

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