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From the end of March through part May, Low Country Hunting Lodge was deemed non-essential by the State of South Carolina and had to remain closed period of time. That meant every hunt scheduled during this time had to be rescheduled. We also knew rescheduling all of these hunts would greatly affect our income and limit our availability to book new hunts for not only the rest of 2020 and 2021.  But, we still called every hunter who had a hunt scheduled during that shutdown and rescheduled their hunts. Why? Because it was the right thing to do!


Unfortunately, while most of the hunters we spoke with were grateful for the phone call and very understanding to why we needed to reschedule their hunts, we still had a few clients that were not very pleasant about the situation.


So, we would like to put things into perspective on how it affects Low Country Hunting Lodge when a hunt is rescheduled, when a hunt is cancelled and why we don't give refunds.


When a hunt is rescheduled!

  • When a hunt is rescheduled for any reason, the hunter has basically booked two hunts and is only paying LCHL for one hunt. LCHL spends money preparing for two different hunts only to get paid for one hunt. So, we not only lose the income from the hunters originally scheduled hunt, but we also lose the income from any new hunters wanting to book a new hunt on the dates that the original hunt is now rescheduled for.

When a hunt is cancelled and why we don't give refunds!

  • Once you pay your deposit or balance to reserve the hunt dates you want, we start preparing for your hunt in good faith. We no longer offer those specific hunt dates to anyone else that calls. Basically, we are turning away other paying customers who are wanting your hunt dates. So, when you decide to cancel the hunt or not show up for the hunt. We not only lose out on the rest of the money you still owed for the hunt, but we also lost out on the other paying customers we turned away when they called wanting your hunt dates. Thus, keeping your deposit or balance paid helps us recover a small portion of the loss we incurred due to the you cancelling the hunt or not showing up for the hunt.


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