When you join LCHL here in the low country, you will enjoy much more than just great hunting. You will stay in our beautiful 3 bedroom ranch-style lodge with all the amenities of home while you are with us. You will also get 2 meals a day prepared by Mrs. Amy: a continental breakfast to start your day, a tasty lunch after your morning hunt and an unbelievable dinner after your evening hunt. Some of the items on her menu for lunch include venison burritos and wild hog breakfast casserole along with unbelievable dinners like her famous prime rib, pork loin and hog/venison stuffed pasta shells. Of course she also makes sure that you have great treats too such as cream cheese caramel brownies and home-made cakes for after the hunt. So as you can see, you will definitely not go hungry while staying with us, and most likely go home a few pounds heavier.

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LCHL hunts approximately 1500 acres of prime low country deer and hog habitat located in Hampton County near the Savannah River. This land is covered with roomy, safe single person and two-person elevated box blinds along with 17 foot tower and ladder stands that are easy to get in to and provide a great view of our hardwood bottoms, pine plantations, food plots and giant cotton fields that have all been baited with the deer and hog’s favorite food of corn. This attractant is placed 75 to 150 yards from the stands to draw the animals in and provide a good, high-percentage shot for both our rifle hunters and bow hunters.


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Low Country Hunting Lodge

Garnett, South Carolina

Phone: 803-942-3800

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