Hunter Reviews


"Knowledgeable guide and they try their best to put you where there are hogs. Friendly folks and fantastic food. You’ll probably put on a pound or two!"

David Martin

Virginia / March 2, 2020

"Great accommodations and Thanks to Amy for the awesome meals! I highly recommend Low Country Hunting lodge for truly wild hog hunting. A big shout out to Jeff & Mike for working hard to put us on the hogs!"

Charles McDaniel

Maryland / February 24, 2020

"Awesome time hunting! The food and hospitality where out of this world! Highly recommended"

Patrick Drummond

Rhode Island / October 13, 2019

"We just spent 4 days hunting with this lodge. I can't say enough good things. Mike was extremely helpful in setting up all the necessary paperwork. He answered questions thoroughly and very quick responses. When we arrived, we were made to feel at home. Jeff is a terrific guide. I have been hunting for years, he did what I expected and more. Always took into account wind direction, anticipated movement, water etc... The food was terrific, always plenty for everybody. Lots of laughs and terrific Hunting. Thanks again for a great time"

Scott Beaudreau

Rhode Island / October 10, 2019

"A friend and I just got back last night from a weekend hunt at Low Country Hunting Lodge. We had a great time, and even though we did not get anything on this trip because of the severe drought, we are already planning our trip for next year. I have hunted at several lodges, and I by far enjoyed my experience at LCHL much more than at any of the others. I am going to list the differences.
1. Jeff who is one of the owners, and the guide, REALLY knows what he is doing. In fact, he grew up down the street, and hunted the same areas that he now takes his clients to. He know the hunting areas like the back of his hand, and knows where and when to take people to a certain stand. Weather, and wind patterns play a part in this, and from his experience, he puts his clients where they will have the best chance of getting a shot.
2. Amy, who is Jeff's wife is an AWESOME cook!!! The food I had at LCHL is MUCH better than at any of the other lodges I have tried. The first night we had prime rib. Amy cut the slices at least 2 inches thick. Be prepared to be wowed by the food!!!
If you are looking for the real hunting experience, and a comfortable lodge with a friendly, knowledgeable guild, then you should try Low Country Hunting Lodge."

Duncan Armfield

North Carolina / October 1, 2019

"Great hunting lodge, great food, and Jeff was an awesome guide!"

Ben Williams

Delaware / September 19, 2019

"My family and I went down for a weekend hog hunt and had a great time! It was hot and dry while we were there so the hogs weren't moving real well, but we still managed to come away with a nice 250 lb boar. Mike and Jeff were great guides, and Amy made some of the best food I've ever had. The lodge is very clean and we'll kept. We will definitely be making another trip to LCHL in the near future."

Josh Fridley

West Virginia / September 18, 2019

"Fantastic hunting experience, had plenty of opportunities and saw probably 50-60 deer on my two day hunt. Saw turkey, coon, possum, hawk, rabbit and tons of other critters on the hunt. Jeff did everything possible to get us on critters. Highly recommend this outfitter to either beginner or experienced hunters. Food and lodge are fantastic as well."

Jeremy Marshall

West Virginia / August 20, 2019

"I have been hog hunting in South Carolina with many different outfitters over the past 15 years and I have to say Jeff and Mike are at the top of the list. They do not over hunt their properties so your chance of success is very good. The night hunting equipment that they provide allows you to stay out when the boars are most active. The lodge is clean and comfortable, the food that Amy prepares is outstanding and the hunting is great, you could not ask for anything more. Do not hesitate to book your hunt with them! My wife and I were just there a week ago and we took 3 hogs between us and had many more opportunities."

Dave B

Maryland / July, 2019

"My husband and I spent a few days in June hunting hogs at LCHL and I can’t say enough about the awesome experience we had. Mike made booking our hunt very easy. Jeff is an extremely knowledgeable guide and answered all of my questions about the equipment I would be using and what to expect while in the stand. We took home 3 nice hogs, and saw many others on the properties, along with some nice buck in velvet. The lodge is clean and comfortable, and the food is outstanding. Every meal prepared by Amy was fantastic! Excellent hunting and delicious food - we’ll be booking another hunt real soon. LCHL is a professional, quality outfitter that I would highly recommend!"

JL Lynn

Maryland / June 28, 2019

"My brother and I have never hog hunted before. We listened to Jeff and did exactly what he said. We bagged up 5 hogs over 2 nights. We used the rifles they provided and they were perfect. There’s no reason to bring your own. The food was more than awesome and it truly felt like a weekend visiting family. If you want to bag some game visit this place and LISTEN TO JEFF!!! It could not have gone better. 15/10! Definitely making this an annual trip for my brother and I."

Jeremy Dent

Georgia / May 26, 2019

"Amazing time at LCHL over the long weekend. Had the opportunity to go hog hunting with my brother and left with 5 over the two day hunt between the both of us. Jeff educated us on everything and put us in the best position to be successful. Hands down Jeff is the best. Great lodge and accommodations and I'd highly recommend LCHL whether this is your first hunt or you are an experienced hunter."

Josh Dent

North Carolina / May 26, 2019

"My grandfather and I had a great experience with this outfitter. we just dodged a tornado and I had some technological equipment issues and they straightened it out as quick as possible. plus the old man brought home some meat for the freezer. job well done on there part."

Joshua Lindemann

New York / April 21, 2019

"Myself and two friends were at the lodge for a 2 day - hog hunt this week (Februry 2019). What a great time, great food and a chance to make a new friend in Jeff Hunt. The food that Jeff's wife Amy prepared for us each day was outstanding and plentiful. I am a new hunter and Jeff put me on the pig both nights. The man knows what he is doing, and he is a really nice person as well! My friends and I are already thinking about our next trip back to the lodge, but this time my 26 year old daughter, also a new hunter, wants to go as well.

Great place! Go, enjoy and have a lot of fun."

William Sterling

Virginia / February 24, 2019

"Low Country Hunting Lodge is a top notch outfit. Jeff made sure we were on the hogs during our two day evening/night hunt, and the service and hospitality was second-to-none. Amy made sure we ate like kings, so bring your appetites! Our group had a great time, and we'll definitely be back. If you want to hunt hogs in the low country of SC, I highly recommend giving LCHL a call."

Mike Johnson

Georgia / February 21, 2019

"Just finished a 3 night hog hunt with Jeff and Mike at LCHL. What a class act! They spend the time to review their trial cams for activity and winds for that night to put you in the best place for game. Can't forget Amy's cooking either, fine quality dining, ribs, prime rib, venison meatloaf all amazing. Thanks everyone and can't wait to book again."

Rick Russo

Virginia / February 18, 2019

"This was our second trip to LCHL and there will be more! Trust Jeff to read the wind and the animal movement and you will be on Hogs! My friend and I both scored twice on this hunt, 2 of them were over 200 lbs!

Show up hungry, the food is excellent and plentiful!!"

Dan Bowers

Pennsylvania / February 11, 2019

"Just returned from a hog hunt at LCHL. Jeff is an awesome guy and a great guide. He’s tuned into his sets, and hunts them accordingly. The food was delicious and you will NOT go hungry. I shot a 250lb hog and my friend who was on the trip also bagged one. We will definitely be headed back down next winter for another hunt. Thank you Jeff!!."

Jim Trebisacci

North Carolina / January 29, 2019

"I had a great time hunting at Low Country Hunting Lodge. The stands were nice. I saw 5 hogs and 21 deer on my 3 day hunt. The food was good. Mike and Jeff are good guides."

Robbie Dunkling

Vermont / December 17, 2018

"Very well treated. Jeff did a great job. Food was fantastic. Accommodations were great. I had a great time."

Greg Hutchinson

Pennsylvania / December, 13 2018

"What a great experience! Jeff and Amy were unbelievable host. I was lucky enough to win the 2018 deer/hog combo hunt from LCHL. I’d never harvested a hog so my mission on this hunt was to take my first one. Jeff’s first question when I got to camp was what do you want to harvest. I told him I’d never even seen a hog from a stand and I’d like to take pig. Although we had severe thunderstorms and non-stop rain Jeff was able to put me in a stand that produced my first wild hog. Amy’s cooking was unbelievable!!! I will/would recommend LCHL to all my buddies! Thanks for a great experience and a great hog!!"

Matt Davis

South Carolina / December 3, 2018

"Went out for the day/night hog hunt with my father. Had a better hunt than I could have ever imagined. Jeff took care to see that my dad was able to hunt in the same stand as me. We saw hogs and got three! The food was great, the lodgings were great, the service, care and communication were great. It was easy to see that a lot of preparation went into their hunts. A guided hunt is a stretch for me but this was money well spent. I will definitely go again and you should too!"

Jeff Lewis

Pennsylvania / November 28, 2018

"If your hankrin for great hunting and good home cooked meal, well look at low Country Hunting. 2 days and 2 deer, 1st was a 10 point. Can't guarantee the deer or pigs if you want but I haven't had a bad meal yet. Great lodge and people."

Gary Brenneman

Pennsylvania / November 18, 2018

"The hospitality, the setting, and the expertise of Jeff Hunt.

Christina Riley

North Carolina / November 8, 2018

"The food is delicious and there is always plenty of it! Jeff is a great guide and knows his property, so he is able to get you the best possible chance of getting something. The hospitality was great!"

Julia Fuller

Pennsylvania / November 3, 2018

"We hunted the last week in September for three days. We faced hot, dry conditions not to mention a full moon (plus I managed to throw my back out on day two). Jeff and Mike went out of their way to put us on hogs and deer. Our party of four still managed to bag two hogs and a big doe. We missed two more hogs and I passed on numerous deer while waiting on a hog. Jeff and Mike felt like long time friends within minutes of meeting them. They put a lot of effort and time into keeping tabs on the game. These two KNOW the game. On a personal note after I threw my back out they recommended a chiropractor who was amazing and it allowed me to get back in the stand the last evening. Of course I missed a nice hog at dark. Without writing a novel, I cannot say enough about Jeff Hunt, Mike and Amy and Low Country Hunting Lodge. I would give this place and the people 10 stars if possible. If you read the reviews, they are legit. And the food is RIDICULOUS!

Scott Kemmerer

Pennsylvania / October 5, 2018

"I took my son Will down to LCHL for our first ever hog hunt. It was an exceptional experience. Jeff and Mike are excellent guides. I could tell that they put a lot of time and effort into making sure each hunter has the best experience and opportunity to harvest an animal. The hunting property and stands were some of the best I've ever seen. The lodge was very comfortable and roomy, felt right at home. The food was incredible. A big thank you to Jeff's wife Amy for accommodating my son's food allergy. The trip was a total success, we gained some new friends and my son was able to harvest his first wild hog. We look forward to future hunting trips to LCHL."

Dale Carter

Virginia / October 4, 2018

"Phenomenal hunts. The cooks personality is phenomenal and sorry but the food is even more so. Recommend to anyone looking for quality hunting time. Thanks Jeff, Mike."

Emanuel Peachey

Pennsylvania / September 26, 2018

"Great hunting experience. Super friendly people. Saw plenty of deer and hogs. Food was amazing."

Jared Fowler

South Carolina / August 20, 2018

"It is always good to see awesome outfitters in our home state, allowing people to experience the excitement of what the great outdoors has to offer. Thanks to everyone at Low Country for what you guys are doing for the great state of SC."

Bo Martin

South Carolina / July 31, 2018

"Dad and I went to low country for hogs may 18 19 two day hunt. Jeff and his wife Amy have a top notch hunt Jeff is always checking his cameras and putting bait out and he lets you know when the best times to go out. And Amy is excellent cook who is always cooking something great and your never hungry and and you couldn’t ask for a better place to stay they even have a camp dog Minnie and pet turkeys I will be going back for hogs and try some deer hunting out which is excellent. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for hogs Jeff has a top notch hunt and he does what it takes to get you a hog and you will have a great time and memories."

James Koch

Pennsylvania / May 21, 2018

"Low Country Hunting Lodge operated by Jeff Hunt and Mike Kopshever was a exceptional experience for this NEPA deer hunter! I had hunted deer and pigs in SC before but not with this level of personal attention and expertise. Jeff has his finger on what the pigs are doing and has many stand options to help increase opportunities on pigs. The rooms and food are great with Jeff's wife Amy putting together awesome meals. For all that Jeff knows about hunting he is not arrogant but instead very helpful and genuinely in making your stay the best he can. I liked very much that LCHL is not a "run and gun - kill'm all" operation. Shot placement and safety were emphasized as well as good ethical aspects of respecting your quarry. Using the ATN Day/Night scopes for night time hunting is an experience you don't want to miss! I plan on making the 13 hour drive again."

Roy Brody

Pennsylvania / April 7, 2018

"Just returned from a great hunt at low country hunting lodge. Jeff and Mike run a first class operation and they put in the work to make sure each hunter has the best chance for a great hunt. Amy is a great cook and makes sure nobody goes out hungry. I will be returning next year! I highly recommend Low Country Hunting Lodge!"

Curt Meadows

Maryland / March 13, 2018

"I was just there over the weekend with 2 friends and my son. I must say the trip was a true success, 4 hogs killed with many other opportunities. Mike and Jeff are true outfitters that work hard for you and it shows, great stands and equipment. They really know hog hunting and it equals meat in the freezer. The lodge is great very roomy and a nice family atmosphere, very clean and comfortable, the meals are absolutely 5 star thanks to Mrs. Amy. I gained new friends and a great outfitter that I will return to for many years to come."

Todd McDaniel

Maryland / March 12, 2018

"We had a excellent time hunting in the low country! We had a 2 day hunt and food and lodging were great, with nice hunting blinds. We be back to hunt again. Thanks Mike and Jeff!!"

Wes Robinson

Delaware / January 28, 2018

"Amazing guides, just down to earth amazing people. Food was amazing, stands were clean and well placed, like home away from home! Thanks again guys we will definitely be back!"

John Paul Mumaw

Delaware / January 28, 2018

"I highly recommend Low Country Hunting Lodge for your hog hunt. This was on my bucket list and had a blast. Seen many hogs each time we went out. Jeff did a hell of a job putting us on hogs.And the hospitality and food was great.They make you feel at home. Will be back next year."

Fred Newton

Virginia / January 21, 2018

"We highly recommend Low Country Hunting Lodge for your next hunting get away! We went specifically to kill hog but had plenty of chances for a deer kill. Being picky and wanting to take home some hogs we passed on the deer. Mike and Jeff are fabulous to work with they go above and beyond to make sure you have a successful hunt. From the greeting as we stepped out of our vehicle we were treated as family. Jeff's wife Amy cooks the best food I've ever eaten, ask about her brownies they are to die for! :) When picking vehicles to be placed in your stand always choose the red truck :) haha"

Amanda Coy-Williams

Illinois / December 11, 2017

"The Ohio team had the opportunity to hunt at Low Country on there 2 day hunt. From the welcome to the goodbye everything was spot on! Jeff and Mike know the area well and have multiple set ups to play the wind! Although the weather was not the best they were still able to put us in front of many deer and hogs! Our group ended up with a couple of missed shots, a nice hog and a nice 8pt buck! If your looking for a quick hunting getaway with some great down to earth guys and amazing food Low Country Hunting Lodge is the place to go!!!"

Jason Tusing

Ohio / October 28, 2017

"What a great time we had from start to finish! Very professional but down to earth. The weather we hunted in was far from ideal and we all had ample opportunities to harvest game. Jeff and Mike will do whatever they can to make your hunt a success! Jeff’s wife makes sure you have great meals ready before and after the hunt. Need to get her recipes from her! If you want a great hunt this is your place. One last thing, I would choose the red truck to go to your hunt! Sorry Jeff just kidding!"

Brett Ward