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SEASON - August 15th to JANUARY 1st

Open Dates are on our Hunt Availability Page!
South Carolina low country is well known for having some of the best whitetail deer hunting in the country due to our high game population as well as our 4.5 month long season which allows lots of time in the woods. So whether you are looking to shoot a velvet buck in August, a big buck in rut or a late season doe, come join us to enjoy our amazing hunting.


Our hunts start just before daylight, when you will be placed in a COVERED BOX stand with a shooting rail overlooking key travel corridors and feeding areas. Hunts last until mid-morning when you will be picked up and taken to the lodge for a delicious home cooked lunch; afterwards, you are free to enjoy the afternoon until it is time to head back out about 4 hours before sunset, then hunt until 30 minutes after official sunset. We will then pick you up and return you to the lodge for another awesome meal while we take care of any animals you harvest.

Hogs can be taken during deer hunts. However, if you are more interested in harvesting a hog than a deer, please choose our afternoon/night hog hunt. Hogs are much more nocturnal by nature and don't move near as much during daylight hours as deer do.

$495 a Day

All Hunts Include

  • Home Cooked Meals

  • Comfortable Lodging

  • Linens (towels, washcloths, hand towels)

  • Bedding (pillows, pillowcases, sheets, blankets/comforters)

  • Game Retrieval

  • Transportation to and from the Hunting Locations

  • Stands/Blinds

  • Bait

Rifle Rental - if you don't have your own rifle

  • LCHL will provide a .308 Bolt Action Rifle equipped with the ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Scope for the hunt.

Field Dressing, Skinning and Quartering by LCHL Staff

  • $35 per animal

Number of Hunters Per Hunt

  • 3 Day Minimum

  • Minimum 2 hunters per party. 5 hunters Maximum

  • Single hunters will be put on a waiting list or can book if the calendar shows one spot open

Harvest Limits

  • 1 Quality Buck per hunt, 1 Doe per hunt and 1 Hog per day (August 15th to September 14th Bucks Only)

               - 1 animal limit per morning or afternoon sit


  • Per South Carolina Department of Natural Resources - Bucks Only from August 15 to September 14.

  • Per LCHL - Minimum 6-Points and 14-inch spread on all bucks.

               $250 fine for each buck harvested under 6-points​​ or with a spread less than 14-inches.

                 NO fawns or button bucks $250 fine for each fawn or button buck harvested.

                 $400 for an additional buck


Call now to book your Hunt

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