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Wild hog hunting has become very popular as out of state hunters have learned what we in the low country have known for years – that wild pigs are smart, tough animals that are extremely fun and exciting to hunt; they also taste great! So if you are ready for the challenge of harvesting a big boar to put on the wall or the grill, come join us for some of the best hog hunting in the South Carolina low country.


And to get that big wild boar, the best way to do it is our afternoon/night hog hunt which is available all year long. We usually start the hunt approximately 2 hours before dark to take advantage of any afternoon daylight movement, then stay in the stand for another 4 hours after dark to capitalize on the nocturnal tendencies of wild pigs to provide our hunters with the best opportunities to shoot a monster.


On all hog hunts, we provide one of our Savage .308 bolt action rifles equipped with the latest ATN X-Sight 4k Pro Day/Night scopes along with an ATN Thermal viewer to watch your area. This scope will work in daylight hours, then allow the hunter to switch right over to night vision to see and shoot long after dark. This amazing scope also records your shot so that you can not only relive your hunt afterwards but also allow us to review the quality of your shot to verify if you hit or missed your hog. We do not have any trophy fees but ask that our hunters make clean, ethical shots on all game to ensure a quick kill. This not only guarantees the meat from that animal will be good for eating, it will assist us in finding that hog quickly and getting out of the area so that we don’t disturb or contaminate it for the rest of your hunt.

Low Country Hunting Lodge


Jan 1 - May 1 2025

 2 Day Hunt  $1100

3 Day Hunt $1600

4 Day Hunt $2100

Includes use of our Savage 308 rifles with ATN Day/Night 3-14x scope and ATN 2-6x thermal viewer

All meals and lodging

Low Country Hunting Lodge



 $990 2 Day Hunt 

$1485 3 Day Hunt

Includes use of our Savage 308 rifles with ATN Day/Night 3-14x scope and ATN 2-6x thermal viewer

All meals and lodging



$50 off for Vets, Current military and all first responders

All Hunts Include

  • Home Cooked Meals

  • Comfortable Lodging

  • Linens (towels, washcloths, hand towels)

  • Bedding (pillows, pillowcases, sheets, blankets/comforters)

  • Game Retrieval

  • Transportation to and from the Hunting Locations

  • Stands/Blinds

  • Bait

Rifle Rental - if you don't have your own night vision or thermal scope for a hog hunt 

  • LCHL will provide .308 ammunition and a .308 Bolt Action Rifle equipped with the ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Day/Night Scope for the hunt along with instruction and an opportunity to shoot it before the hunt.

Field Dressing, Skinning and Quartering by LCHL Staff

  • $35 per animal

Number of Hunters Per Hunt

  • 1 to 5 January through December

  • Minimum 2 hunters per party. Also, we are not able to accommodate non-hunting guests usually.

Harvest Limits

  • 2 hogs per day - per hunter  

  • No Pack Shooting

Call now to book your Hunt

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