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Items to Pack for your Hunt
If you have any questions regarding anything listed please give us a call (803-842-1155).

  • Where is Low Country Hunting Lodge located?
    We are located in Garnett, South Carolina 29922.
  • How do I book a hunt or check date availability with Low Country Hunting Lodge?
    To book a hunt you can just give us a call us at 803-842-1155.​ To check availability, please see our Hunt Dates Availability page calendar.
  • What’s included in my hunt?
    You hunt includes comfortable lodging, home cooked meals, linens, game retrieval, transportation to and from the hunting locations, hunting stands/blinds and bait for the hogs and deer. We can also provide a .308 bolt-action rifle equipped with the ATN X-Sight II Day/Night scope for our combo afternoon & night hog hunts.
  • Are the hunting license, big game permit and tags included?"
    No. All hunting licenses, big game permits, deer tags and turkey tags are purchased online through the SCDNR at
  • Do you offer game processing?
    Field Dressing, Skinning and Quartering - $35 per animal. This usually will break a big hog down to easily fit in a big yeti cooler with ice.
  • Can I bring a non-hunter and how much do you charge for a non-hunter?
  • Do you offer discounts for kids?
  • Do you give discounts?
    Yes! We provide free rifle and night scope rental to all current and retired Military Personnel, Police Officers, Conservation Officers, Firefighters and first responders on any hunt.
  • When do you offer hog, deer and turkey hunts?"
    We offer hog hunts year-round and deer hunts August 15th thru January 1st.
  • Can you hunt on Sunday?
    Yes, per the SCDNR Sunday hunting is allowed on private lands.
  • Are there trophy fees or size restrictions on hogs or whitetail deer?
    We do not have any trophy fees or size restrictions on hogs. For whitetail deer, we shoot bucks that have antlers with a 14 inch spread and 6 points. This will be a 2.5 year old buck or better weighing from 150lbs and up.
  • Is Low Country Hunting Lodge a 100% fair chase hunt or high fenced hunt?
    It is a 100% Fair Chase Hunt.
  • Do you bait for hogs and whitetail deer?
    Yes, we do put corn and other attactants out for both the hogs and whitetail deer. We use drop feeders mounted to our trucks and also hand pour.
  • What types of stands or blinds do you use?
    For our hunts we use a mix of 3’ to 5’ elevated individual and two person box blinds, 17’ ladder stands and 17’ tower stands. All box blinds and tower stands have comfortable office chairs in them.
  • What is the average shot distance?
    Our rifle stands are 75 to 100 yards from the bait piles.
  • What type caliber of rifle do you recommend?
    We recommend .243 and above for hogs and whitetail deer. When using any caliber below that the animal recovery rate is very low.
  • What if I don’t have a rifle?
    You can rent one of our Savage .308 bolt action rifles with the ATN X-Sight II HD Day/Night Scopes for $150 per day. This includes .308 ammunition, cleaning and maintenance fees.
  • What kind of optics should I bring?
    Binoculars and Good Scope on your rifle. What we mean by a good scope is one that is great in low light conditions. There are a few reasons for this: 1) Wild hogs are mostly nocturnal and generally move at last light right before it gets totally dark. 2) They’re low to the ground and dark in color which makes them difficult to see and hit in the low light conditions. 3) When you are having trouble seeing at that last light of the day, a good scope can usually squeeze out another 10 to 15 minutes of shooting time.
  • Is orange required while hunting?
    No, per the SCDNR orange is not required when hunting on private lands.
  • Can I shoot Coyotes, Foxes or Bobcats?"
    No, unless it is cleared with us first. We don't want to disturb the woods shooting random animals.

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