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Low Country Hunting Lodge offers 2 types of hunts - Afternoon/Night Hog Hunts and Deer/Hog Combo Hunts.


We offer the Afternoon/Night Hog Hunts most weekends of the year.


We also offer 12 weekends of Deer/Hog Combo Hunts during the 18 week Fall season when deer may be taken legally here in SC. Please visit the pages below for more information on each hunt.


Also make sure and visit our Choosing An Outfitter page to see exactly what sets us apart and makes us such an amazing place to hunt. 

Low Country Hunt Lodge has 2 ways to book a hunt with us. You may book your small group of at least 2 hunters for any weekend that there are spots open on our Available Hunt Dates calendar.


Or you may book the entire lodge for any hunt  and bring up to 5 other hunters. Click the RESERVE HUNT page for more information on this option,

Then click our Hunt Scheduling page to book your hunt either way.

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